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"Hey Emmy..." John sighed when he saw her in the park, he was alone this time, no kids, the rain coming down around him. "How have you been?"

"John" she smiled and dropped next to him on the wet bench. "I’ve been good, working. Now are you going to tell me what you are doing out here?"

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Garcia: A row house in Dupont Circle. Wow.
Prentiss: I can’t believe I’m doing it. It’s probably not gonna work out anyway, right? There are five other sealed bids, and I offered way below what the owners are asking.

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"In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same." -Albert Einstein

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[ PSA; ]

I would never ask you to read/watch the entire canon of my character just so you can interact with me. About pages are there to provide basic information that is quick and easy to access. Hopefully, they will contain enough background information so that…

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"M-Mom help! I-I don't know what to do!" Declan cried from the bathroom where he held Sophia's hair up as she vomited.



"Declan? What’s going on?" Emily rushed into the room and stared between the two. "What happened?"

Sophia curled closer to Declan, she was crying. “It’s okay…” Declan whispered. “Mom what do I do? I have to fix it…”

"Do you want some water?" she offered the glass out to her, sighing at Declan’s question. "I don’t think you can do anymore Dec, if she sick you’ll just have to let her get better and If it doesn’t get any better then we’ll see a doctor"

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Declan nodded standing up. "We have to go now." He insisted he didn't want his friend to get caught in the chaos. "I do trust you its Tom I'm afraid of."
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